A Plan is Born – Ken & Devin

Devin and I have known each other since 1998 when we met at Washington State University. Just over a year later we planned our first international trip (by planned I mean we chose a place and purchased a ticket). Through that ticket we eventually visitedCosta Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico in a two month marathon of busses and taxis. We were both instantly addicted to traveling. As soon as we could save enough money and sneak away from school we were off to Brazil. We spent an entire month watching the World Cup on the beach and enjoying everything Brazil had to offer. Together we have visited over 17 countries including Peru, Bolivia, Australia, Venezuela, Trinidad, New Zealand, and Fiji. After our traveling funds dried up we both settled into jobs. Devin started a business in Washington and I was working labor jobs in Southern California. While these jobs were paying the bills, we both quickly realized that we were not where we wanted to be. What we both wanted was to find something that was a better fit for our personalities. The tourism industry was the natural choice. We began drafting up a business plan using the Blue Bird my father had purchased off auction and a year later (and a lot of luck and hard work) we opened our doors. Traveling provides learning experiences that are impossible to match and we believe that our travels have been the most educational and fun times of our lives. The time we have spent struggling our way through foreign countries has shaped our personalities and sparked our enthusiasm for the tourism industry. We have worked very hard to pursue this opportunity to do what we love as a profession and we are confident you will be satisfied with our Woody Bus service. Thank you for supporting us and our company.

The Big Woody Renovation

The First Big Woody was born a school bus in Georgia in 1978 at the Blue Bird factory. After spending years servicing the San Juan Island school district in Washington state it was replaced with a new model and put up on the auction block. This may sound like a sad time but it was actually the first step the bus would take toward becoming the Big Woody. Ken Sr. purchased the Blue Bird with plans of converting it to an R.V. upon his retirement, which he would use to tour the United States. When we approached Ken Sr. with the idea of converting it to a limo bus he was very supportive as usual and quickly passed the bus down for the cause. Devin parents overwhelming enthusiasm and support for our project has proved to be an integral part to our success. Over the course of a year and a half the bus went through a major transformation. After a lot of time, effort and money the old Blue Bird that Ken Jr. rode to school has been reborn as the Big Woody Party Bus. We performed a complete interior and exterior renovation. On the exterior we painted the bus a metallic blue and installed oak to give it an authentic woody look. On the interior we removed all the conventional seating and put in our own customized couches and seats. The rear of the bus contains a 10′ long u-shaped couch, the middle has four comfortable swivel seats, and in the front we built two 4′ love seats. When we were all finished installing seating, a cedar ceiling, and the stereo, we had the entire interior upholstered for comfort. These pictures give you an idea of how far bus has come from when we began to the finished product, but to really see how nice it is you have got to come experience it. This entire process has been an incredible learning process for us and we hope you are excited to come enjoy it.